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Baby No Bumps - First Steps to a Softer Fall
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"Thank you so much for your invention. Jaasia keeps it on every day and she is no longer afraid of falling. Every household that has a small child should have one. Thank you again."
- Sonia A. from Switzerland

"I just wish we had bought it earlier while she would grip the furniture; it would move and she would fall splat, usually banging her head. What a blessing that you make these."
- Kevin and Anna S. from Tacoma Washington



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Baby No Bumps

Born out of the need of a concerned grandparent
for her grandchild

Baby No BumpsBaby No Bumps – Safety Helmet®was created in the fall of 2001 when Sandie Hadley decided she had seen her granddaughter get too many bumps and bruises on her head while learning to walk. Sandie felt that a padded hat might help cushion the blows and, seeing nothing she liked available, set out to create one.

Her colorful creation soon attracted interest from others who wanted this child safety product for their own little ones, so after further months of research and experimentation, Sandie decided to market her Baby No Bumps – Safety Helmet®.

Baby No BumpsWhile the Safety Helmet is designed to and will help protect your toddler’s head from bumps and bruises, Sandie wants everyone to know that this and all safety devices cannot solely be relied upon to prevent injury. Common sense prevails!

Canadian-born Sandie and her husband Jack reside in DeBary, Florida. Sandie welcomes your comments and feedback about the Baby No Bumps – Safety Helmet®and about related child safety issues.

Head Office:
Baby No Bumps
406 Foxhill Drive
DeBary 32713
Florida, USA

Phone: 386-774-5016
Email: jacsan1944@embarqmail.com

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Add 6.5% Florida Tax to all purchases. Do not substitute this helmet for good judgement. Since we have no control over the physical conditions and surroundings your child may encounter while wearing this product, Baby No Bumps Inc.™ and its distributors and representatives disclaim any liability for unseen accidents.